Lenovo XClarity™ Simulated Demo

Welcome to the Lenovo XClarity™ simulated demo. Choose a tour below or 'Begin Tour' to proceed in order.

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Utility Navigation

The Status dropdown gives you a summary view of alerts for all managed systems, and a link that takes you to the list of all active hardware and management alerts.

The Jobs indicator similarly displays the global summary of running and completed jobs.

The Admin button allows you to log out or change your password.

Help is also available by clicking on the question mark in the top right corner.

Menu Bar

Use the menu bar to quickly navigate through the interface, to view critical information such as a detailed list of all managed resources and their status, or to take action such as creating or applying a configuration pattern.

The Dashboard

Provides at-a-glance visualization of hardware status, provisioning status, and administration activity.

Hardware Status

Displays a quick overview of important hardware information such as the total number of managed servers, Flex System I/O modules and chassis, and racks. It also displays the total number of normal, warning, or critical alert color-coded indicators for each of the resource categories. When there is no information to display, the numbers and indicators are grayed out, drawing your eyes to important color-coded indicators.

Clicking on the number listed under the managed resource element displays more detailed information about the managed resources. Here you can see the resource name, health status, power status, IP address, and detailed inventory information.

Resource Detail

Here you can see the resource name, health status, power status, IP address, and detailed inventory information. Clicking on a server’s IP address will launch you directly to that server’s Integrated Management Module, or IMM

Provisioning Status

Displays an overview of all tasks associated with provisioning systems.

Configuration Patterns

Displays information about server patterns that have been deployed to servers

OS images

Displays information about the current number of OS images available for deployment, and the number of OS deployments that are in progress

Firmware updates

Displays information about the number of systems with compliant and non-compliant firmware, and the number of firmware compliance policies that have been defined.

Administration Activity

Shows the total number of active jobs currently in progress, and the total number of current end user sessions.

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